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Whoa!!!! what's up?! MIKE JONES!!! lol god i love missy... yea so i've been busy the past two weeks... it seems like that's how i start every entry... Well between work and reading, i have also started my Portfolio! Yes people the ball is finally rolling! I started my Fashion Illustration class and i'm getting awesome tips. I tried doing a template without any help and it came out perfectly! i was excited, especially when the teacher walked up and was like wow! And it wasnt one of those bullshit WOWs. she was really surprised. I felt pretty good. Molly is taking the class with me and she's really good! I start my second sewing class on wednesday. I'm kind of excited I have no idea what i'm going to create. i can't decide between a dress or skirt. i might look for some kind of flowy dress. I finished my purse and it came out almost perfect. Just a few final touches when i make it to Joann's and it will be complete. I only need to slipstitch the bottom of the lining and add something more sturdy to the bottom. Cardboard is shitty. I told Caileigh and Jennifer that if they bought the supplies, i'd make them a purse. Caileigh has the first project i ever did. She has a scarf that i crocheted her for her birthday. So now she needs another ST piece...

In more surprising news, i picked up the harry potter collection... i'm on book five about 1/10 into it. it's looking good. Book 4 was amazing, i felt that it was almost perfect. a few tweeks would have made it better, but that's ok. i've been working, classin it up and then hanging out alot. it's really fun. I had a slew of people over on friday. Robby and Tory came over at about 4:30, pat showed up a little later, Caileigh, Jennifer, Kristina, Pete and Chris all showed up also. It was fun we went swimming and did this card trick that told all of us that in our futures we were getting an insurance letter in the mail. It was hilarious. Then we played spoons and i lost for the first time like ever. it was because cailiegh and I weren't sitting next to each other. then i saw them yesterday after class. and tomorrow i'm going to see them again. ok well i'm really tired and i plan on reading tomorrow... so g'night

My chains are finally free.
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