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And It's no pose...

'Cause When She dances, She goes and goes...

Well I"M BACK!!!! I'm sorry that I’ve been gone for so long; it's been a long few weeks. I've been working, then on vacation, taking my sewing classes and my life has just been crazy. I feel as though the summer has ended and it feels as though my life is being ripped away from me... The summer is my life; I can work and do everything that I need to do, during school I’m too bogged down with homework and work, that I have no time for myself. I'm just going to have to make a better schedule once school starts for everything. Well moving on...

Is anyone else sick of all the bullshit that is going on around us? First off Globally: London! I can not believe what happened. Luckily very little people died, but the state of the world is just becoming a chaotic whirlwind of destruction. I really wanted to go to either London or Paris for my Spring break next year, but my mom said that I can't because of all of the problems. I was kind of upset, I really don't want to spend my Senior spring break at home, I don't want to go to the Caribbean because of the Aruba incident and that really isn't my kind of thing... I really want to be able to drink so that is why I felt that France would be perfect, checking out the scenery, the fashion, especially since soon after I'll be going off to a school for art... somewhere... I don't even know where yet. I'm so shocked at how soon applications need to go out... and i have NO portfolio. I am so screwed. I may have to end up buying myself a year at like Wayne going into the Art program there just so that I can become a better artist and then move on to the next chapter in my life... I've really started to like sewing. It's very relaxing and very fun! My grandma came over today and asked me if I could sew a whole bunch of sache bags for her to put mint and parsley in... It was really fun we just sat at the table and worked on the bags for like 2 hours it was a lot of fun.

Well I spent this weekend with my mom. Yesterday she and I went to The Henry Ford to see Vintage Couture. It was about 50 dresses of Elizabeth Parke Firestone. She had many Dior dresses and Balenciaga, some things were out of date but others were just beautiful, and the shoe collection.... Magnificent... a full wall of about 180 pairs of shoes arranged by color... it was awesome. Then Mom and I wandered around for about another hour looking at the furniture exhibit...What can I say, the inner Interior designer came out and mom was like "ooooh!" For those who don't know she is an Interior Designer. We went to the Stores in there and she got me a book on Studio 54 I was so excited it was only 8 bucks and then she was like here, I’ll get it for you. I was like YAY!!! Haha. Then we went and got my grandma and my aunt and went to dinner at La Shish. after that we ran to work so I could print out a coupon for a book I wanted and we headed to the Village, I got my book and then we went to TCBY, Cess was working so I said hi and asked her how CP was. After getting our White Chocolate Mousses we went home and watched Miss Congeniality 2. That movie is hilarious. My favorite quote... “Please be careful! My Guns are in that Fendi."

Why is everyone in self destruction mode? It just seems like that is how everyone is now... I don't know, I'm happy right now, I love life and even though I’m under some major deadlines I’m still happy. I'm happy with how my life is going. My vacation was great I got to sit back and read Vogue which hasn't happened since.... well... ever since i got it in April. I got to read the July Issue which was really interesting, especially the piece on the $900 bra... It was exquisite. It was a work of art... Did anyone see it? That just gets and UHH!

I have been watching a lot of HBO lately and I have fallen in love with Entourage, it's just a great show. Even though the main character needs to get his eyebrows waxed I love the show, it's sexual, funny, and slightly suspenseful. I like it. And then there is the Comeback with Lisa Kudrow. I still can't figure out if I like it or not, it has a very dry sense of comedy, but at sometimes there is absolutely nothing happening, just like today's episode, she is just sitting in line returning linens... it was boring, but at the end there's a scene where you hear her and her husband having sex in the bathroom because there is no camera in there and he hits his head on the sink. That was quite humorous.

Ok well I’m very tired and need to sleep. Night.
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