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Hi everyone...

-->Last things

Last thing you...
.: x ate- Hani and fries
.: x drank- water
.: x saw- vh1's top 20
.: x touched besides the computer- my hat
.: x watched on tv-vh1's top 20
.: x saw in a movie theater- Monster-in-law
.: x wanted- to go shopping
.: x needed- clothes
.: x twisted- Scrappy-doo
.: x listened to- Redlight District
.: x squeezed- Scrappy
.: x yelled at- Scrappy
.: x punched- i don't punch yea...
.:x taped- i don't tape things
.: x graded- The costumes at the dance recital last night

Last time you...
.: x cried- When i watched either the Finale of the O.C. or another tv show...
.: x yelled- yesterday
.: x smiled- This morning.
.: x ate- last night at 10 pm
.: x changed clothes- last night at like 6
.: x slept- Last night
.: x worked out- last week
.: x played a game- 2 days ago in homeroom
.: x played a sport- 2 days in homeroom condom volleyball
.: x went to the mall- last weekend
.: x went to the movies- last Saturday
.: x ate fast food- uhm... wednesday.
.: x went to church- besides being forced to during school, on my birthday for my cousins baptism, i'm more into the spiritual thing than the religious idea...
.: x talked to someone- mom and dad earlier


Which friend is the....
.: x craziest- Victor
.: x sweetest- Angela
.: x prettiest- i can't decide
.: x smartest- Lakin
.:Street Smartest- Me and/or Nicole
.: x girly- Angela or Me
.: x easiest to be grossed out-Victor
.: x blondest- Angela or Pat K.
.: x honest- Nicole and Me
.: x trustworthy- Nicole
.: x sporty- Robby
.: x animal lover- Nicole
.: x computer genious- With Powerpoint Lakin
.: x livejournal nerd- Ken
.: x funniest- Victor and I together.
.: x drama person- No... More... DRAMA... Victor if we are talking acting....
.: x band person- victor
.: x person that always gets their homework done- Hauser
.: x flirtiest- Katie

About your friends and past friends
.: x which friend have you known the longest? Robby
.: x which friend have you known the least? Katie, and anyone from GPN
.: x who was your first best friend? Either Robby or Caroline... i think it was Caroline in Preschool
.: x is he/she still you friend? Robby yes, Caroline, no
.: x which friend do you miss the most? All of my girls from SJA,
.: x has one of your best friends ever moved away? Yep Caroline
.: x who has the most classes with you? Vander Putten (not my friend)
.: x pick one friend and tell one(or more) of your favorite memories: A whole group of my friends and I had to tape a movie for 8th grade... IT was so much fun! it was full of funny jokes and crazy stuff... it was a great time

Which one of your buds is most likely to....
.: x be a teacher- Robby
.: x become a computer person- Hauser.
.: x become a stay at home mom- Katie
.: x live life on the wild side- It will be me...
.: x travel all over the world- It will be me for inspiration...
.: x become famous- Victor for acting, Me for my clothes.
.: x fall in love before 20- Angela
.: x become a sports star- Pete Loy
.: x not go to college- I think we are all going to college
.: x get married twice- victor
.: x have 4 kids- Hauser
.: x become a telemarketer- I could see Nicole doing that
.: x be your best friend throughout your whole life- Nicole
.: x be at home doing nothing but eating and watching tv- The People who are never motivated to do anything...
.: x be a serious business person- Lakin
.: x become someone with a job that helps people- Nicole
.: x end up on road rules or real world- It's going to be me.
.: x copy and paste this survey on their livejournal- probably no one...
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