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aeaeroguy235's Journal

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Steven was born on 4-3-88.. I am an aries and i believe in astrology... i belive in love for a certain amount of time, but not forever. i think that a couple that can swear together will stay for ever..(e.g. Ozzy + Sharon O.) I love fashion, music, television and the computer... i plan on working in the music, television, movie, of fashion industry... I absolutely detest school i believe it is a waste of time... i'm a full-blooded democrat... 100% liberal... I normally will not discriminate unless i am pushed to a limit. I love my country, but i believe that like every other place in the world there are huge faults in our system. In music, i like practically everything... i think that Janet Jackson is a musical mastermind.. I believe that Britney Spears is a genius, not because of her music, which i still like, but because of her selling tactics.. Pink is a god... Alanis Morisette is also one of the gods... Christina Aguilera's voice is angelic... Justin Timberlake has some awesome music... there is nothing that i can say that hasn't been said about madonna... Prince is great... Beyonce is magical... D.C. is one of the best all girl groups of all time.. No doubt is great.. and TLC i love hip-hop, Ludacris..Outkast, they are creative geniuses... Usher... Eminem...I love missy elliot 50 cent... i listen to rock every so often... hoobastank... linkin park... i think mtv + vh1 are a gift from god... and while on the topic of god which is quite a confusing thought for me... i'm a confirmed catholic, but i feel i'm not right for catholicism... i feel that i'm too liberal for any religious group, so if you happen to know of any liberalist group comment on a post...
50 cent, abstract art, acting, alanis morissette, angelina jolie, antm, architecture, armani, art, ashlee simpson, bcbg maxazria, bed head, being fierce, belts, beyonce, books, bowling, bracelets, brandy, britney spears, buckle, burberry, chanel, chicken and beer, christina aguilera, clothes, coach, coffee, computers, concerts, couture, d&g, damita jo, dancing, denim, destiny's child, dior, dkny, dolce & gabbana, dolce and gabbana, drama, drawing, driving, eminem, eva pigford, evanescence, eve, evian, exercise, express, fashion, fendi, fiji, flip flops, flip-flops, flirting, gap, girls, gucci, haute couture, in the zone, internet, jacqueline susann, janet jackson, janice dickinson, jay manuel, jeans, jennifer lopez, jet, jimmy choo, journaling, justin timberlake, kimora lee simmons, leather, liberalists, linkin park, louis vuitton, love, ludacris, madonna, making friends, manolo blahnik, marc jacobs, max azria, meeting people, missy elliott, monica, mtv, museums, music, musicals, new york city, nicole, no doubt, outkast, painting, parties, photography, pictures, pink, plays, playstation 2, pop culture, prada, prince, project runway, rap, reading, relaxing, roberto cavalli, romance, romanticism, running, sandals, sarcasm, school of rock, sculpting, sex and the city, shoes, shopping, singing, sketching, spice girls, starbucks, steve madden, style, talking, tattoos, television, the nanny, thongs, tlc, tyra banks, uptown girls, usher, valley of the dolls, versace, vh1, vintage, vintage clothing, vodka, vogue, will and grace, women, xtina