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Early Mornin'

I hate late start schedules! I always forget, I normally don't wake up until 7:30 on late start days, but today i woe up at 6:30... O SHIT hold on the irons on... ok turned that off... well, Prom is Saturday so i've been tanning since last week. I'm getting very dark...well not very dark yet, but i plan to be by saturday. I'm working everyday this week, it's kind of hectic, today i spent 15 minutes on hold trying to order phones when the bitch hung up on me! i was pissed so i called back and bitched at the next person who answered the phone! DO NOT put me on hold. In other news, I'm getting my eyebrows done on friday! I am so excited, I feel bad for the people that have to see me everyday! school's been shitty, i just don't feel like doing homework any more... I just come home and chill... I just can't wait for my sewing machine to get here!!! AHHH! i ordered it saturday and it should be here anytime between tomorrow and next tuesday! It's light blue and was $79.99.

So, i went shopping this week and picked up a few awesome things:
a light blue Le Tigre polo
White Aldo shoes for prom
Raspberry tie from DKNY
White Alligator print belt from Michael Kors
More Polo Flip-Flops in Green with pink Polos

Yep well that's it, maybe i'll take some pictures later....

Everyone should go out and get the latest issue of King magazine because Eva the Diva made the cover and her Applebottoms ad is in it.

ok well i'm going to go do homework that i didn't do last night...
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