Steven (aeaeroguy235) wrote,

Well, hello everyone!

So, how are you all?

I've been quite well! I'm keeping myself busy by working, both at COI and SJA. The play is just beginning. We've done a read through and the kids work very well with one another. The "little children" 5th graders, are probably the funniest part of the entire play, their timing and sarcasm is perfect.

Moving on... I just had the largest paycheck, ever, today! I got my check for my birthday from my grandfather today, which is always a big thing for my birthday.

I haven't been stressing out lately. I have this new thing where i try to finish all of my homework at school rather than talk to people. I don't like homework. I really don't have time for it either. I go from school to where ever i have to go, work or SJA. I actually don't get another free day after school for 6 weeks. Every single day i either have work or SJA. I guess i'm kind of excited, but at the same time, i know the stress that is to come.

I figured out my GPA today because i went and asked my Counselor for my grades and since i'm in his homeroom he told me my grades. i have a 4.09!! hell yes! how exciting is that? way exciting. Hopefully my dad will give me some money for it.

ok i'm bored...

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